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City Center IN is located in the north-eastern part of Bosanska Posavina region of Bosnia in the town of Orašje. On one side it is adjacent to the main road M1.8 which comes from the direction of Croatia, from the border crossing Orašje-Županja, and enters Bosnia and Herzegovina, and on the other side, it is adjacent to the administrative centre of the county, the faculty centre, high school and sports and recreation centre in Orašje.

If you arrive to the shopping centre by car, we offer you free parking. More than 120 parking spaces are located on three sides of City Center IN, and 100 parking spaces are available on the fourth side of the shopping centre, on the first floor, which is accessed from the side of the main entrance to the shopping centre.


Orašje Bus Station is located 300 meters from City Center IN Orašje, in 97 Četrnaesta ulica. Check the timetable by calling +387 31 710 047 (045/046) to be able to shop at affordable prices in our Center for hanging out and safe and affordable shopping.


All who love walking and to be on the move, we recommend walking to the City Center IN. City Center IN is situated in south-east part of Orašje, only a 15 minutes walk from Sava river bay and town center.


If you are riding a bike to City Center IN Orašje, use bicycle parking space near main entrance, in order to have a pleasant time and shopping in Center, while your bike waits for You.

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